Rustic Beauty


From thick bush to rugged terrain to humid dense undergrowth, Yala will inspire you and allow you to live through days that no city can replicate.



The Weather

Situated in the dry zone, Yala National Park can be hot and humid during the day with temperatures ranging from 27-37 degrees Celsius. Scattered bursts of rainfall are common during the rainy season ushered in by the North East monsoons from November to January and the inter-monsoonal period of March and April.

The driest time of the year in the park occurs from May to October which brings with it increased visibility of wildlife leaving their shelters to quench their thirst at the waterhole

While the days are generally semi-arid and hot, the nights can be chilly so make sure to pack clothing that will shield you from the harshness of the sun as well as protect you from the cold of the night.

serene plains and lagoons

The Terrain

Spread across 1200 sq kilometres of deciduous forest, low scrub, grassy plains and brackish lagoons in Sri Lanka’s dry zone, the Yala National Park is categorised into 5 blocks of which, two are accessible by visitors.

The sprawling land and the rocky ridges strewn across it, provide ideal visibility of the Park’s wildlife. Our experienced rangers will assist you in navigating the plains for the best sightings of the majestic leopard, elephant, deer and the myriad species of exotic wildlife roaming free in the reservation.

Although, for the most part, your journey will take place in safari vehicles, we advise you to wear comfortable clothing and shoes to enhance your trekking experience from the best vantage points in the park.

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