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To craft memories of a lifetime with your partner, be sure to include a romantic dinner during your stay at Topan. Topan takes pride in making the arrangements for a unique romantic get-away in true jungle style. Display your romantic side with the flavour of the wild and create a magical treat for your sweetheart. The couple is whisked away to a secluded but safe spot where a bonfire is lit with passion, harmoniously integrating the jungle sensibilities with a modern approach to dining. The global romance with candle-lit dinners isn’t a new phenomenon, however, Topan make it even more spectacular using a bonfire concept surrounded by the vibrant, rugged setting of the forest.
Our Chefs will set up a live barbeque station and serve-up succulent bbq while you revel in the wonderful setting and the equally wonderful company. The experience will not only make your evening special but the exotic meals will treat your palates as well! Pure and undiluted, this unique date will create immense pleasurable memories for the couple.


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