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The Topan living concept takes you to indulge in the lap of nature. Sleep under the stars, comforted by the cool breeze, lulled by the whispers of gentle nocturnal animals and the whistles of beasts, capture the essence of true nomadic Sri Lankan living.  The generous living space features a veranda, bedroom with king sized bed, relaxed sitting area, dining area, and bathroom. Your living space has been designed to provide you with ultimate convenience and escape from the stresses of modern life. A range of luxury amenities like the handcrafted interior décor and art that adorn your living space, will let you experience timeless luxury and personalized service.


Camping Tents

Lounge – The Social Centre

When you are in the mood for some socializing at this amazing get-away, then wander into the lounge area. The luxury of the property equally extends here, both in ambiance and amenities.   The décor is rustic with a distinctive native

Sri Lankan flavor and creates a comforting and memorable environment. This is the common area where you can indulge in activities such as games and full of fun and frolic. Use the WiFi and stay connected with the rest of the world (if you really must). You can also meet and greet the other dwellers at the lodge. Meals are also served in this warm and friendly environment which is the perfect setting for socializing and making new acquaintances.

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